Stephanie Alton was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, but for a number of years has resided in Montana.  Over the years, she has lived a life of extreme diversity, as she has worked in New York City as well as teaching and living in an Athabaskan Indian village in Alaska.  She thrives on learning about the diversities in all walks of life, and it is in this realm of cultural differences that she finds the inspiration for her art. Her work addresses retelling narratives anew to enhance and broaden understanding among communities and cultures.

Alton received her MFA from Pratt Institute studying photography under Philip Perkis and Arthur Freed. She also studied film at New York University.   Alton’s current photographic work are on exhibit at the Dana Gallery in Montana. Her photo collages have been published at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle . Alton’s documentary “Ridin’ for the Brand” is distributed by Dark Hollow Films and has been shown on PBS. Her films have been at numerous film festivals.


Stephanie Alton, as an artist, works in three different realms: film, photography, and alternative mediums.  In her use of mixed media, she continues to seek new ways, materials, and forms with which to express her love of the American West, in both its past and its evolving present.  Often, she incorporates a sense of mystery and the ethereal using symbols that have become her own artistic aesthetic, to lend a sense of optimism and promise in a land going through dramatic changes.


M.F.A. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Photography 1992.
B.F.A. Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. Photography 1989.
Film Certificate New York University, Film School, New York,  NY 1994.
Grants, Funding, & Scholarships 

2021 – Yupiit: Eye of Both Worlds ethnographic/art/documentary/short- Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Researcher, Editor, Sound.

2014 – Ridin’ for the Brand documentary-Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Researcher, Editor, Sound.
2012- Kickstarter recipient of  $20,000 post -production for
“Ridin’ for the Brand”.2000 – Alaska Council on the Arts, artist grant.

1994 – Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, Scholarship to New York University, Film School.

Collections:  “Ridin’ for the Brand” documentary
2015 – 2021
PBS Montana
Hamilton Library Hamilton, MT
Stevens Library Stevens, MT

Williams College, MA Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
University of Michigan, MI
University of Windsor, Canada
Boise State, ID
Arizona State, AZ
Middle Tennessee State University, TN
University of Las Vegas, NV
Hudson Valley Community College, NY
University of Oregon Law, OR
University of Lethbridge, Canada
Eastern Washington University, WA
McGill University, Quebec, Canada
Longmont University, CO
Texas A&M University, TX
UC Davis, CA
Southern Utah University, UT
Sandals Community College
University Nebraska Lincoln, NV
Stratford Thompson Public Library
Keene State College, NH
University of Wyoming, WY
Northland Pioneer, AZ
Texas State San Marcos, TX
University Texas San Antonio, TX
Miles Community College, MT
College of Wooster, OH
University of Montana, MT
Busch New York
Austin Community College, TX
University College of North, Canada
University of Tennessee, TN
Virginia Tech, VA 
South Dakota State, SD
Western State, CO
Purdue University, IN
University of New England, ME
Action Library, CA
University of Texas, TX
Film and Video

2021 – Currently – Post Production: Director, Director of Photography and Editor: “Yupiit: Eye of Both Worlds”, short film. 2014Director, Producer, Director of Photography and Editor: “Riding’ for the Brand” documentary 16mm, and mini DV.
2014  – Director of Photography, Editor: “Laundry for Strangers” Kickstarter campaign.
2014 – Director, Director of Photography, & Editor: Dink Inc. Spot.
2008 – Sound Person: Butte Project, documentary/Producer Patrick Markey, digital video.
2001 – Director of Photography:  “Dancing on the Moon”, independent feature film, digital video.
2000 – Director, Producer, Director of Photography:  “Raven’s Flight”, short film, 16mm.
1996 – Director, Producer, Director of Photography:  “Image Myths”, 16mm short.
1995 – Director, Producer, Director of Photography:  “A Fleeting Pulse”, 16mm short.
1991 – Director, Producer, Director of Photography:  “Until the End”, video short.
1994 – Director of Photography:  Set It Up, 4-2-1, 16mm music video.
2001 – Camera Operator:  Eskimo Indian Olympics, broadcast.
2001 Production Manager:  Kia Commercial, Korean car commercial.
2000 Camera Operator:  “Qayaqs and Canoes”, Discovery Channel and Alaska Heritage Center.
2000 – Camera Operator:  Subsistence Camps of the Alutiiq, Chugach Muit Foundation.
2000 – Camera Operator:  “We the People March”, live broadcast.
2000 – Camera Operator:  “Ride for Aids”, documentary.
2001 – First Assistant Cameraman:  Special Olympics in Alaska, 16mm.
2001 – First Assistant Cameraman:  Commercial, Sprockett Heads, 16mm.
1999 – First Assistant Cameraman:  Alaska State Fair Commercial, Director Shawn Morris, 16mm.
1997 – First Assistant Cameraman:  SHOA, Video taped interviews, Producer Stephen Spielberg. 1996 – First Assistant Cameraman:  “La Belle Vie” commercial, 35mm. 1996 – Camera and Electric:  “Victor” Independent film. D.P. Kramer Morganthau. 1995 – First Assistant Cameraman: Casio OV, Young Rubican commercial, 16mm. 1994 – Second Assistant Cameraman:  Search and Destroy:  second unit, Producer Martin Scorsese, 16mm. 2000 – Sound Person: ” Pamyua” documentary for Kids Discovery Program.
2000 – Sound Person:  Discovery Wings Channel, documentary.
2000 – Sound Person:  “Winter Warriors”, A&E History Channel.
2000 – Sound Person:  “Alaskan Pipeline”, documentary for Discovery.
1999 – Sound Person:  Extra “Whittier, Alaska” T.V. program.
1999 – Sound Person:  “Yukon Watershed Program”, documentary.
Artist, Photographer & Designer

2021Web Designer stephaniealton.com 2021Web Designer yupiit.com 20182019 Official Photographer for the Montana Ballet Company.
2016 – Web Designer Kayak Baja website.
2015 – Web Designer Turn it up Technologies website.
2015 – Web Designer Broadus Montana website.
2015 – Web Designer stephaniealton.com website.
2015 – Web Designer ridinforthebrandthemovie.com website.
2014 – Photo Assistant:  Cindy Goeddel, Bozeman, MT (wildlife-
photographer) www.goeddelphotography.com.
1999-2000 – Photo Assistant:  Greg Martin Fairbanks, AK (commercial and advertising.
1999-2000 Photo Assistant:  Randy Brandon Girdwood, AK (commercial and advertising photography).
1997-1998 – Photo Assistant: Ian Tong New York, (fashion photographer) www.iantong.com.
1995-1996 – Photo Assistant:  Douglas Faulkner (underwater photographer) New York, NY www.daumanpictures.com/gallery/faulkner/.
1991-1993 – Photo Assistant:  Dennis Chalkin (illustrative and food photography) New York, NY  1991-1995 – Photo Assistant:  David McNamara (commercial, fashion, illustrative photography) New York, 1990 – 1991Photo Assistant:  Michael Watson (still life, architectural photography) New York, NY.

1991-1995 – Photo Assistant: Brad Guice (fashion and editorial photography) New York, NY. 

1991-1995 – Photo Assistant: Alan Kaplan (fashion photography) New York, NY.

1991-1995 – Photo Assistant: Eric Jacabson (food photography) New York, NY.

Academic Positions

Adjunct Professor:  Basics of Videography at Univ. Fairbanks, AK 2002.
Artist in Residence:  Black and White Photography at Minto Public School, AK 2001-02.
Artist in Residence:  Pinhole photography at Minto Public School, AK 2001.
Guest Lecturer

Centre for Learning and Teaching of the Vocational Training in Hong Kong, Pre-Production and Post Production for Directors and Producers, 6hr. class Oct. 9, 2019.

Pacific Lutheran University for B&W Photography, Color Photography and Digital Photography February 18-19, 2015 – Oct.11, 2016.
“Ridin’ for the Brand” Documentary
Culture Unplugged  Maharashtra, India, Menlo Park, CA, Auckland, New Zealand 2015.
Phillips Exeter Academy New Hampshire 2014.
PBS Montana 2014-18.
Livingston Film Festival Shane Center Livingston, MT 2014.
Myrna Loy Theater Helena, MT Oct. 2013 and May 2014. 
Emerson Theater Bozeman, MT 2014.
Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering Elko, NV 2014.
Choteau Community Center, Choteau, MT  2014.
Big Timber Theater, Big Timber, MT 2013.
“Raven’s Flight” Short Film
Woodstock Film Festival, NY 2001.
Anchorage Film Festival, AK 2001.
Denver International Film Festival, CO 2001.
Festival Arcipelago, Rome, Italy 2001.
Tresses En Vues “Land Insights”, Quebec, Canada 2001.
Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, MA 2001.
Earth Day Celebration, San Fran., Vancouver, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid 2001.
Florida Seminole Film Festival, FL 2000.
Santa Fe Film Festival, NM 2000.
New York Native American Film Festival, NY 2000.
Global Visions Film Festival, Canada 2000.
Art Exhibitions

Center on Contemporary Art members show Seattle, WA 2018
Hamilton Library Hamilton, MT  “Ridin’ for the Brand” documentary 2016.
Phillips Exeter Academy New Hampshire “Ridin’ for the Brand” documentary 2014.
Filipino Photo Relief Fund Bell Town Tavern, Seattle 2014.
Planet Bronze Gallery Group Showing mixed media, Bozeman, MT 2013.
Planet Bronze Group Showing mixed media, Bozeman, MT  2013. 
Head West group showing mixed media, Bozeman, MT 2011.
Livingston Bar and Grille One Person Exhibition photographic collages, Livingston Bar and Grille Livingston, MT  2011. 
Northwest Women group show, photography, Wiseman Gallery Seattle, WA  2002.
State of Alaska, photo collage, Permanent Collection, 2001.
Alaska Positive 2000, photography group show, traveling show 2000.
Dia de los Muertos, group show,  photographic collages, Bunell Street Gallery Homer, AK 2001.
Ptarmigan Arts Gallery One Person Exhibition, photographic collages, Homer, AK 2001.
MFA show One Person Exhibition, color photography, Pratt Institute May 1992.
BFA show One Person Exhibition, photographic collages, Pacific Lutheran Univ. May 1989.
Publications & Reviews Center on Contemporary Art Catalog 2018. American Cowboy Magazine “Western Documentaries” Feb./Mar. 2014.
Honorable Mention in Best of College Photography Nationally 1989.
Traveler Magazine essay on Cortez, CO. Spring 1997.
Various Medical Journals and books for Cytology and Pathology through Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 1992-1995.
Educational Distributor
My documentary, “Ridin’ for the Brand”, has been distributed by Dark Hallow Films to the nations universities, colleges and high schools 2012-2020.